CI International Recognition

Openness, transparency, and trust building

We believe in the necessity of transparency towards our clients – they want to know about our professional qualifications when they are to decide whom to entrust with their issues. 

Our professional qualification as constellators is a combination of our “elderhood” state of mind, our brought and deep expertise experience in the field we are working in, our qualification and experience as constellators, and our ability to combine all that in our work.

For showing our respective expertise, we created the possibility to set up profiles with basic information. Moreover, we have created a recognition procedure that will provide all the information, our clients will need to decide. As we look to manifold fields of application for our work, we created a new form of recognition which more follows the basic ideas of quality management. For that, the recognition procedure has a mere structural character. It does not come with any content conditions.


1. The SRP allows strict inclusiveness. It is not content-driven like other recognitions for family constellators or organizational constellators. Our recognition procedure is merely structural and includes all colleagues globally who work with constellations. The minimum condition to reach a practitioner level will be the proof of
90 training hours.

2. The SRP is based on a questionnaire that has been developed with a big team of constellation colleagues from all over the world. There is no other recognition in the international field that is so internationally based on such a high level of constellation expertise.

3. The local CI review team does not decide whether a constellator will receive recognition. This is exclusively decided by the answers the constellator gives in the questionnaire. The local team only checks the uploaded documents that are necessary to prove the correctness of the given answers.

4. When the supporting documents are correct, the constellator will be informed about his/her qualification level.

5. The filled-in questionnaire will be published in his/her profile to be transparent for everyone. The international recognition emblem and the level of international recognition also become part of his/her profile.

6. The SRP will be actualized yearly, eg. through new training, more experience, and new contributions.

7. We start with the International Recognition for Constellators and will later also offer our International Recognition for Trainers and training.

Levels of our International Recognition for Constellators

We offer 4 levels of International Recognition for constellators

1. Constellation Practitioner

2. Professional Constellator

3. Master Constellator

4. Senior Constellator

Levels of our International Recognition for Trainers

We offer 3 levels of International Recognition for trainers

2. Professional Trainer

3. Master Trainer

4. Senior Trainer

Our International Recognition for Pieces of Training

We offer our International Recognition for

  1. Basic Training with a min. of 90 hours
  2. Advanced Training with a min. of 90 hours
  3. Professional Training with a min. of 180 hours

Administration Fees for the CI recognition 

Our administration fee model for reviewing the SRP for final recognition works on an annual subscription.

The administration fees shown here are those for the largest economies by gross domestic product per person (fee= 100%)

We will give a % discount for smaller economies eg. fee = 80% or 60%). Therefore, we will create 3 or 4 groups from 195 countries. We are working on the list of % discounts and will soon inform you about the discount groups.

Recognition for Constellators 150 Euro administration fee (incl. VAT) per year

Recognition for Trainers 100 Euro administration fee (incl. VAT) per year

Recognition for Training (1 and 2 years) 40 Euro administration fee (incl. VAT) per year