CI Terms of Services

CI Terms of Service (Interim Version, 2023)

These Terms of Service are an interim version for the first phase of the CI platform during the period from June 2022 until the end of 2023.

In this first period, Constellators International KG (CI) offers a platform at This platform provides services for constellators worldwide.

Who we consider a constellator

By definition, a constellator is a natural person who works with the systemic method of constellations – in whatever format and whatever field of application.

Services, we offer to constellators

The services we provide for constellators

• Become a member of CI by signing up
• Set up a free professional profile
• Connect with other members
• Send personal messages to other members via the profile
• Set up special interest groups and share information, thoughts, and perspectives
• Post your individual news and promotion on the main page

The members are fully responsible for the content of their publications.

CI regularly reviews the publications and reserves the right to delete content that does not meet CI’s ethical standards.

The set-up profiles need to show the constellator’s qualification, therefore the extended profile has to be filled in by each member. If after 3 months there is still no filled-in extended profile, the basic profile will be deleted by CI.

Emails, personal messages

Please contact our members only on constellation issues. Do not misuse our platform for any promotional spamming. If you do so, we will close your membership.

CI ethical standards

We are systemically oriented on these 4 principles – complexity, balance, feedback, and self-organization – which we understand as the foundation of CI. We do not set up any rules for expressing these principles. 

All functionaries and members of CI act radically open and strictly integrative.

We respect our colleagues and their manifold philosophies of the constellation and systemic work. We do not exclude anyone.

To us, there is no right or wrong in any individual understanding of the constellation work.

In our mutual respect, we do not make a difference between those who have just started with the work and those, who have worked with constellations for a long time. 

We honor each constellator to be our estimated colleague.