CI Privacy Policy

Last updated: February 1, 2023

CONSTELLATORS INTERNATIONAL KG (“CI”) is a company based and registered in Cologne, Germany, and is subject to German law. CI has the legal form of a limited partnership.

The company operates the website for the purpose of supporting people working with system constellations.

This Privacy Policy (PP) explains what personal data we collect and/or process (which may include collecting, organizing, structuring, storing, using, or disclosing) in order to provide products and services offered by CI.

What personal data do we receive?

Personal data is any information from or about an identified or identifiable individual, including information that CI can attribute to an individual. When you use or interact with CI products and services, we may collect or process the following categories of personal data on behalf of our customers:

Without signing up, the website is accessible to anyone who is interested. They can read information, and apply for receiving the CI newsletter by filling in the respective application. If later they do not want to receive the newsletter anymore, they can unsubscribe at the bottom of the newsletter with one click. We do not store their email address in our system. The email that is stored with Mailchimp (where we create our newsletters and store the email addresses of the newsletter recipients is subject to the PP of INTUIT, the company that offers the Mailchimp service. Please read their PP here:

In addition, we offer constellators the opportunity to set up their professional profile free of charge. To be able to set up a profile, they have to register with their first name, surname, and email address.

Through signing up, they become “CI Members”. With this status they can set up special interest groups, directly contact other members with the internal messenger tool and post their news and promotion for their constellation offers on the homepage of CI.

After registration, it is up to them what information they want to publish about themselves. The minimum requirement is that they upload a portrait pic and are identifiable as a constellator. If they do not meet these minimum requirements, CI staff will advise them that the profile will be deleted after 3 months if the relevant information is not provided.

CI staff do not access internal email content (or any content generated or shared as part of special interest groups unless authorized to do so by an account holder.

We do not make the login data publicly available, nor do we pass these data on to third parties.

We use the sign-up email to send our CI newsletter. If CI members do not want to receive our news, they can unsubscribe at the bottom of our Newsletter with one click.

International Recognition Data

To apply for international recognition as constellatory or trainer, or for training, CI members have to fill in a questionnaire and send the filled in form including certificates that proof their education to CI. A local team checks whether the given answers in the questionnaire can be proven by respectable certificates. In that case, the application of the CI user will be successful.

The CI Member receives a corresponding degree of recognition and in connection with this, the completed questionnaire (but not the certificates) is published in his profile, so that everyone (not only CI Members) can see the information about the respective qualification.

All data from this questionnaire are stored in our database. The international Recognition has to be actualized yearly. For the actualization, the CI Member opens the last version of the Questionnaire and actualizes it.

Ending the CI membership

If members want to delete their profile and by this end their membership, they can write an email to Stephanie Hartung at

We will then delete their profile including all data records that belong to this CI Member and send them a confirmation of this operation. To finally be deleted from our newsletter list, CI Members have to unsubscribe themselves.

Later, CI members will have the possibility to end their membership by deleting their profile themselves. Through that, they will then automatically delete all their data in our system.

At the moment, we are working on the technical requirements for this. We will inform all members when this will be possible.

Our Webhost

Our website is hosted by

PO BOX 548 #88100
Birmingham, AL 35201
United States

For the data of our website, which we store on their server, the INSUB PP is valid.

Here you can find the INSUB PP:

PP Support

If you have any questions or comments related to this Privacy Policy, please email at Your personal contact is Stephanie Hartung.

You can also contact us in writing at the following address:


Kamekestrasse 12
50672 Cologne