ED Coaching & Constellations

The CI Experiential Department Coaching & Constellations is led by our Director Bettina Clark.

Over the past 15 years, I have trained internationally in Europe, Canada, South Africa, and the US in professional methods and procedures in coaching – and as a systemic constellator. It is my second – and best – career…. 

From the different approaches, I have taken all the methods, techniques, and experiences with me, which is also essential for good coaching work and gaining insight into it.

Experiential Research CW-Innovation in the Coaching-Field 

The precondition for the Coaching Aspect 

Over the last 20 years coaching has grown into a significant industry with over 50,000 ICF certified facilitators worldwide (ICF, Jan. 2022). One of the strengths of coaching is the huge variation of styles and approaches available, with a great chance to find a significant representation of coaches either using or being interested in Constellation-Work (CW).


We intend to build this ERCW department for CONSTELLATORS INTERNATIONAL to highlight, experiment and share findings in this area to support the current Paradigm Shift in the Constellation World and are dedicated to setting high standards.


We are interested in exploring where the new edges of CW are and if they meet the needs of an ever-evolving world. We want to track this evolution and findings and co-create an incubator tank for more to simmer, evolve, and feedback to the coaching world. We are planning high-level certification training and are building a worldwide network of trained constellation professionals.

Call to Action

In doing so, we invite facilitators (coaches) from all over the world who are using constellation tools to get in touch with us for the first step in co-creating this department and to network. 

Please contact:

Bettina Clark, Director Coaching & Constellations, Experiential Department CI