About CI

With CI, we made our dream come true

In 2019, the project CI was initiated by us – we are Stephanie Hartung and Jürgen Ziemann, a couple in love and life, and business partners in our company.

With CI we made our dream come true: We aim to connect the constellation work with the professional world and for that, we support our colleagues in setting up and running a successful constellation business.

Our vision

Systemic Intelligence in Humanity

Our purpose

         To live our oneness on all human levels

Our mission

To enhance the development of constellation work as a meta-science and connect it to all
professional fields of application

Our principles

We are radically open, mutually supportive, curious with a joyful attitude, and strictly

Our movement

The first step on the path of our mission is to support constellators worldwide in creating a
successful business


In 2021 we turned our project into a company, the CONSTELLATORS INTERNATIONAL KG registered in our home town Cologne in Germany. 

In the summer of 2022, we launched our CI website to offer a variety of services to our colleagues worldwide. They can

  • set up a basic professional profile
  • get found by clients through individual search criteria
  • connect with colleagues and clients
  • use a messenger function
  • set up special interest groups
  • post news

These offers are and will stay free of charge.


International Recognition 

In 2023 and 2024, we will also offer the possibility to apply for international recognition for the professional qualification

  • as a constellator (2023)
  • as a constellation trainer (2024)
  • and for the quality of constellation training (2024)

The basis for international recognition for Constellators by CI is the Structural Recognition Procedure (SRP) as it was agreed to by by internationally highly respected colleagues. Some of them are now members of the Advisory Board of CI.

For the CI international recognition, there will be an administration fee required on the basis of an annual subscription. Please read all the information about International Recognition here



Constellators with a free profile can promote their offers within the activity thread on our homepage.

CI-recognized Constellators can later set up free sites to inform about their constellation events and to promote them in the world calendar.

CI-recognized Constellators with additional Trainer recognition can later inform about their training pieces in full dimension on free sites and promote them in the CI world calendar.

With these rules, we want to secure the level of professional qualification as a basis for the matching of Constellators and clients.


The CI Advisory Board

In 2023, the members of the CI Advisory Board are 

  • Dan Cohen, USA
  • Georg Breiner, Austria
  • Klaus Peter Horn, Germany
  • Stephan Hausner, Germany
  • Netra Chou, Taiwan
  • Ingala Robl, Mexico
  • Wilfried Nelles, Germany
  • Dr. Bindu Gupta, India
  • Moksha Peikari, Georgia + Germany
  • Michael Wingenfeld, Germany
  • Zena Me, IK
  • Mikhail Klarin, Russia
  • Dragos Riti, Romania
  • Julio Principe, Peru
  • Edwina Van der Westhuizen, Australia

Find more information about the CI Board members here


Step by step

We will develop the CI platform step by step. First, Constellators can build their basic profiles for free.

The details of the profiles will be linked to a search module so that Constellators can be found with their place of work, the fields they are working in, and the expertise they have.

We guarantee to keep all data within the platform. Please read our Privacy Policy

The next step shall be the setting up of the structural recognition procedures (SRP) for Constellators, Trainers, and Pieces of Training.

We offered the first step – the International Recognition for Constellators in August 2023.

From the different offers in workshops, training, events, incentives, etc. we will then come up with a “Constellators’ World Calendar” so that everyone can get a simple overview of what is happening worldwide. We plan to reach that in 2024. From there we will constantly develop in the international field of constellation colleagues.

We plan to build an Academy which will offer training of high quality. We also will build a global library informing on worldwide publications on constellation issues. The library will be a project of our CI publishing house, which we will develop also.

We started with the first scientific and experiential departments for the connection of constellation works with the various fields of application such as eg. politics, education, health, or economy | and for the combination of methods and constellation work such as eg. coaching, homeopathy, astrology, or theta-healing.

We appointed more than 15 CI Ambassadors all over the world to spread the news about CI in the respective regions amongst our colleagues and support them in their mother tongue concerning English language problems if needed.

We understand the field we created as an “open source field”. We set up the field and allow whatever wants to emerge. We aim to grow autopoietic. Guided by our essence which is expressed in our vision, mission, and values, we will follow the fractal character that nature has shown us. 

We did not create conditions and rules to belong to our system. Our system is defined by its brand core – we grow from the inside out. The term “Members” simply refers to the technical condition of signing up to use the CI platform. To be a member is not connected to any obligations.

Our rules emerge autopoietically in the field, we do not tell people what they have to do and how they have to do it. By allowing our colleagues to create their own way, we get overwhelmed with the richness of their ideas and approaches, and we constantly learn from them.

We happily invite all our colleagues to come up with their ideas, projects, interests, and perspectives.

Stephanie, October 2023