Theatre + Constellations

Hi, I´m Heike Bänsch acteur, director and constellation worker.

Before I studied constellation work with Stephanie Hartung (thanks to her for the wonderful, courageous work!), I knew that constellations do work. But how and how deeply, I would like to find out.

Theatre play is a kind of constellation work. We create situations, move into the field, and get in touch with relationships and emotions. The stage is a holy place and a safe place. 

The difference between theatre and constellationworks in my opinion is, that in a drama we need the drama. We need the tensions between the rolls.

What are your opinions and experiences?

I open this group for people, who work with theatre elements in different ways:

Acteurs, directors, authors, improvisation work, clowns, comedians, teachers for drama play, teachers in drama schools, therapists, curious amateur players, Masque players, Puppetplayers …..and Constellation workers.

We all have something in common and we can figure out, what is the quality of getting these themes in contact.

We could discover the different levels of play, reality, constellations, and connections….

It´s a field for experiential and innovative ideas, a field for creativity, open minds, and of course open hearts.

If You are interested, sign in to this group, text here, and invite other people You know.

if You like to, send me ideas, questions, and suggestions.

My offer is a Zoom meeting on the 22. September 2023, 11 AM CEST. There we could work in little groups and find out the next step.

The next step could be a meeting in Malta in April 2024 for a workshop with each other and perhaps a little performance for the other people from CI.

See you,

Heike Bänsch