Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics defines

  • the core values of the CONSTELLATORS INTERNATIONAL (CI)
  • ethical standards of behavior for all CI professionals who apply constellation work to their therapeutic, counseling, and consulting businesses.

Core Values of CI

Understanding and applying the CI code of ethics to constellation work will elevate professionalism and enable deep trust between those who work with constellations and their clients.

Holistic Form

CI represents a holistic form of constellation work. Members of CI are respectful of the vast variety of different approaches in constellation work. They are radically open, mutually supportive, curious with a joyful attitude, and strictly professional. 

Metacultural Meta-Science

CI enhances the development of constellation work as a metacultural amnd interdisciplinary meta-science that can be applied in all fields of human activity.

Strict Professionalisation

To achieve that, CI members are striving for the development of constellation work and also for continuous professionalization in the application of constellation work.

CI Members

  • seek to broaden and deepen the field of constellation work;
  • research questions about the connection between systemic intelligence and the various disciplines of human activity;
  • experiment on the combination of constellation work with other intelligent systems of philosophies;
  • recognize their responsibility in combining their systemic intelligence with their specialism and expertise in the respective fields they are working in;
  • realize that they are bound by applicable laws and regulations in their respective fields of work.

Responsibility to Clients

CI members ensure that clients understand the value of their work This includes:

  • Confidentiality
  • Limits
  • Financial agreements
  • Handling of documents
  • Managing potential conflicts

CI members maintain the strictest levels of confidentiality.

They create an agreement regarding the roles, responsibilities, and rights of all parties involved prior to the commencement of services.

Responsibility to Professional Practice and Performance

CI members transparently identify their:

  • Fields in which they work with constellations;
  • Professional qualifications incl. specialism/expertise;
  • Constellation qualifications incl. the level of constellation competency, and the constellation education/training they have passed so far;
  • Constellation experience in years and in terms of the time they invest in their personal and professional development;
  • Contribution to the development of systemic intelligence and constellation work;
  • Recognitions and certifications.

CI members also provide accurate verbal statements about what they can offer as a Constellator.

Responsibility to Society

A Constellator isn’t just someone who works with a systemic method for the client.

Given the dimension of systemic intelligence which is beyond the given rational capacities, CI members realize their responsibility to add value to their societies.

They are impartial and do not discriminate. They honor any contribution and intellectual property.

CI members work and act on the fundament of these CI Code of Ethics with each other, their clients, and the groups and societies, in which they work and live.