Many of our services are free

To each colleague who works with constellations, Ci offers the possibility to register on the platform to set up a professional profile for free. Along with the cost-free profile come added values. 

The core added value is the search that we implemented. 
By informing about their professional abilities and field of application, the language(s) they are working in, and the place(s) where they offer their work, they can be found with these search criteria by their clients and other colleagues.

More added values for free
The setup profile also offers the possibility to post on special issues or on constellation events on the main page of CI in the “members’ blog.”

Colleagues can connect with one another directly or they can open up groups for special interests or for local collaboration.

We guarantee, that these services will stay free for all constellation colleagues.

Paid services provided by us

From 2023 we offer international recognition for constellators. We will complement that with international recognition for constellation trainers and for pieces of training.

Please read our detailed information on the services around CI International Recognition that are connected to administrational local work. Therefore there will be an administrative fee for these recognitions which will run with an annual subscription mode.


These free services are an added value after successful recognition

Colleagues who have successfully applied for international recognition will be offered more cost-free services.

Constellators with a recognized level of professional qualification can set up three events/training pages with detailed information. These events will be searchable by defined search criteria.

As recognized trainers, they can set up 3 three more even/training pages with detailed information. These events will be searchable by defined search criteria.

The CI recognition of each 1-year or 2-year training will allow you to set up further event/training pages that can be searched.

Step by step we will widen our services

We are constantly working on the further development of our offer. Projects like our CI World Library, our CI Publishing House, the CI Academy, and the CI Event Service including the CI World Calendar for events and training are on their way.

If there is any service or project, you would like to add, please do not hesitate to contact us at