Our Ambassadors are the CI voice in their region

Here the CI Ambassadors introduce themselves. They support spreading the news about CI in their region and on Social Media. The Ambassadors are also there to support CI members in their respective mother languages

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador for CI in your region, please contact us. 

Kashish Vyas / Mumbai, India

Kashish is a dynamic individual who enjoys studying human behavior and is curious about the deep mysteries of Creation. He loves to explore them and has embarked on the journey of rediscovering himself. After working in the corporate sector for about 5 years, it is this heartful curiosity that led Kashish to take the plunge and follow his calling, that is – to work with people in the space of inner healing, growth, and transformation. He is a trauma-informed Emotional Wellness & Systemic Coach, as of today. Kashish integrates EFT, Inner Child work, Systemic Constellations, and Inherited Family Trauma work to support people. He also incorporates story-telling from ancient Indian scriptures + history in his sessions to help individuals and groups understand Systemic wisdom with more ease. 

Kashish is a trained and certified EFT-Inner Child, Family Constellations Facilitator, and Systemic Coach (IPHM, UK). He has also been one of the Program Supervisors in The Systemic Medicine Course aka TSM offered by Cognial Healers Academy in 2022. The program focused on training individuals in Systemic Constellations and related practices. Kashish has also volunteered with the Art of Living Foundation in organizing meditation, yoga, and breathwork-based workshops to manage stress/lifestyle for teens, kids, and young adults.

As a Systemic Constellations practitioner, he works with clients from different walks of life and has a deeply immersive approach to help address a wide range of issues – psycho-somatic disorders, mental/emotional issues, relationship challenges and career +money blocks. Kashish has been working 1:1 and in group setups with people. He has been active in the healing space for more than 3 years now and has worked/addressed 200+ people so far. His journey continues further. 

His vision is to bring Integrative and Trauma-Informed systemic care to millions across the globe. Kashish feels strongly that his vision aligns with CI and as a 

CI Ambassador he would be able to do so. His larger areas of interest are – Organisations, Education, and Politics. He looks forward to contributing judiciously in creating a credible CI community in India and bringing Systemic Wisdom to said areas of interest.

Bit of trivia about Kashish: he is an enthusiast of Vedic literature, Astrology, History, and Politics. He also enjoys storytelling, movies, reading, and occasional writing and loves to sing too.

Rasha El Gamal / Cairo, Egypt

Rasha is our Ambassador for Egypt. She is an HR professional and management counselor with more than 20 years of experience in leading HR & culture departments in large international organizations like PepsiCo & Lafarge and also with large Egyptian companies currently with DMG/Mountain View for Real Estate.

In her journey with her current company DMG which started in 2008, Rasha successfully built it up to be a Values Based Organization with a strong culture. Starting in 2016, Rasha led her company to develop and deploy a world-class culture development program with Delivering Happiness™(DH). This resulted in 1) a positive work environment based on the science of happiness, 2) growth in the DMG business and revenue, and 3) an increase in the level of engagement of its people.

Rasha also succeeded in leading her company DMG to become the first Egyptian company certified by Top Employer international in 2018, receiving the Top Employer Award in people practices, HR systems, and work environment. Rasha succeeded in adding another international award in 2021 by winning Tony Hsieh International Award that recognized DMG/Mountain View and its leaders for their significant advancement and bold innovation in human elevation and organizational design, The success story of DMG/Mountain View HR & Culture Transformation is documented in the Wall Street Journal Best Seller “Beyond Happiness” book.

Rasha now leads the DMG partnership with DH (a US-based global co.) as Managing Director of DH Egypt for Management Consulting, in addition to her role as VP of HR & Culture at DMG. Through her role with DHE, she guides organizations in Egypt and the Middle East to develop and deploy culture transformation programs that create more engaged employees, happier customers, and more profitable businesses.

Rasha is a certified professional/consultant in different self & organization development tools like MBTI, HBDI, DISC, Enneagram, NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Relationship coaching (intellect school), Barrett Cultural Transformation (CTT), Leaders Transformation through Values (FTV), Numerology in Business, Systemic Constellation (currently the ambassador of Constellators International in Egypt), and she is also certified director/board member by CDCP.

Rasha’s main passion & focus is helping business leaders to create purpose-driven human-centric organizations using a mix of DH, Barrett & Laloux Culture models that elevate the consciousness level of organizations through culture transformation & systemic constellation consultancy.


Minu Rudrani / Halifax, Canada

Rudrāni (Minu) is our Ambassador for Canada. First and foremost, Rudrāni is a yoga practitioner and a trained yoga teacher with over 2000 hours of teaching experience. She teaches yogic asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breathwork), yogic contemplation, and meditation techniques. She is certified in advanced teaching from India (RYT200) and Canada (RYT500).

She’s also a trained and certified psychotherapist and a systemic/family constellation professional (IPHM UK, Omega Institute – Dr. Brian Weiss, Quantum Life University), working in the field of intergenerational trauma healing, regression therapy, inner child healing, emotional freedom techniques, yoga therapy all catering to a person’s holistic wellbeing. She is a course supervisor on TSM (The Systemic Medicine course with Cognial Healers’ Academy (IPHM UK).

She comes from the world of engineering and social development, having worked extensively in the areas of community upliftment, youth development, livelihood training, and education in her home country India and other South-East Asian countries. She has worked in rehabilitating youth and communities from conflict-ridden and disaster-hit regions in these countries.

Rudrāni has been using a combination of her yogic knowledge and constellation techniques in her therapy work and finds it immensely powerful. She is passionate about taking this particular stream of work forward. She is grateful and honored to be an ambassador with CONSTELLATOTS INTERNATIONAL. She looks forward to being an integral part of the CI community and taking forward the valuable work of sharing and learning with the community at CI and contributing her time and efforts in building a strong membership community in the Americas.


Leksana is the ambassador of CONSTELLATORS INTERNATIONAL of Southeast Asia (ASEAN). He is passionate about bringing systemic constellations to the field of ASEAN to help leaders, educators, and organizations untangle stuckness and issues in change. As individuals and organizations become more complex, he believes that understanding the connections between the various components of the system will be the next frontier to help them address challenges effectively.

Leksana has a unique combination of senior business experience and distinctive skills in change facilitation and leadership coaching. He discovered his true calling in working with leaders twenty-two years ago. His work encompasses facilitating top team alignment, organization transformation, and leadership development. He has been partnering with hundreds of board members and top teams of MNCs, large private groups, and public enterprises in Asia.

Leksana’s approach helps leaders convene and align for whole-system transformation that often starts with self-leadership. His conversations with leaders go beneath the surface, creating a safe space for them to uncover inner blockages. This enables the leaders to expand their awareness and devise steps to achieve a balance of health and performance.

His early ten-year career was spread across leadership in engineering, strategy consulting, and financial services. Leksana studied MBA at Warwick University. He is a PCC by ICF and is a Newfield Certified Coach. A Barrett Values CTT, certified by MMS Worldwide Institute, Facilitating Transformation through Values (FTV), and Leadership Circle Profile.

In a quest to discover his true purpose and self-evolution journey, he studied NLP under Dr. John Grinder, Robert Dilts, and Dr. Richard Bolstad, Ontology coaching under Julio Olalla, Coaching under Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott, Values approach under Richard Barrett, and Transformation under Gita Bellin. His passion for helping others to transform themselves also led him to integrate and practice systemic thinking, theory-U, Gestalt therapy, family therapy, and cognitive psychology.

Monika Wyss, Malaysia

My first experience with Family Constellation in 2001 totally changed my life and has awakened in me my purpose to support people to see that they are not broken and that there is a path to wholeness. I started to understand how my country (Poland), culture, and ancestors influenced who I became. This work went so much deeper than psychotherapy or anything else that I have experienced before. It became my passion to spread this beautiful work in Malaysia and South-East Asia, where I’ve been living for the past 20 years. For 10 years I have been teaching Systemic Constellations and in 2014 I have founded Heart Sanctuary in Kuala Lumpur – a holistic center that is home to Systemic Constellations in Malaysia and a place for people to connect from heart to heart. Coming from Poland but living and working in Asia showed me that we are all the same and we face the same issues, no matter what race, religion, or culture we are coming from. Being able to hold space for others while they find their place and strength and can let go of the past, fills my heart with the deepest joy and appreciation to Bert Hellinger and all my teachers for sharing this work with me. I trust that by embodying and teaching the principles of Systemic Constellations I’m doing my part in spreading this fundamental work throughout the world.

My heart is filled with gratitude for Stephanie Hartung and CONSTELLATORS INTERNATIONAL for opening the Field to all of us who truly want to connect and work together. I have been looking for a long time for an organization where I can feel at home with other constellators, where we can exchange, support each other, and have a platform to share our offerings.

Kelvin Khemiel, Singapore

Kelvin Khemiel began his spiritual journey when he was just 15, having come from a long lineage of Chinese metaphysicians in his family line. This lineage has provided him with a strong foundation in the workings of Eastern metaphysics – it’s essentially in his blood! – and offers a huge advantage in his current work in Singapore which has a large Chinese community. Coupled with years of study and lots of hard work, Kelvin has contributed greatly to the growth of the New Age industry locally and is much respected by his peers for the healing and teachings that he has been providing over the past two decades.

His educational background includes a degree from the National University of Singapore in Religious Studies and Communications. He is trained in multiple disciplines in various modalities of healing and readings of both Eastern and Western origins and has attained mastery in many of these modules. These include Systemic Family Constellation, Astrology, Aura-Soma, Kabbalah, Reiki, Chinese Fengshui, I-Ching, Crystal Healing and Energy Work, 72 Angels of the Tree of Life, Tarot, and Numerology. Kelvin gained his training and knowledge from the foremost teachers from around the world, many of whom are renowned practitioners and authors in the metaphysics and esoteric arena.

As one of the pioneers of the New Age industry in Singapore, Kelvin founded the integral spiritual academy, Heart of Sophia, where he holds the role of Chief Consultant to further his work. He has been devoted to the training and development of readers and healers within the Singapore Community. He is also one of the few local Systemic Family Constellation facilitators who has been actively teaching and promoting family constellation activities monthly since 2012.

Kelvin has been featured in the newspapers, magazines, and on television on many occasions. He has also been invited to various parts of the world to teach, including Switzerland, Ireland, Greece, India, Hong Kong, London, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Indonesia to facilitate a wide range of spiritual development courses. As awareness of his work spreads more broadly throughout the world, Kelvin will be able to bring the wisdom of Life to all who seek a happier pathway.

With his appointment as the Ambassador for Singapore for Constellators International, Kelvin aims to invite a wider audience of varying ethnicity to understand the immense benefit that Systematic work can bring to their lives. As he helps to support the community to better understand themselves, he hopes it can bring about empowerment to those who are not connected to themselves or to their families. Through this work with people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, he aspires to bring everyone together as one.

Franziska Maria Pretsch, USA

My name is Franziska Maria Pretsch and I am the Ambassador for America. I live in Oregon.

I am originally from Bavaria, Germany. I have worked in many different countries as a Senior Social Worker and Systemic Constellator, even as a manager of a Kindergarten, before deciding to open my own business.

Now I support especially women in my own business as an Advanced Facilitator of Systemic Constellations and Life Coach. I hold space for my clients to remember who they are and reconnect them to their strongest unique energy & health for a full life.

I love this work so much. It has connected me deeper to my ancestral roots and resources and has helped me to clear unhealthy patterns that were still influencing the way I lived and approached life. Now I feel so much more inner and outer freedom, feel my unique strong energy and live a life fully aligned with myself.

I work with individuals, couples & families to support them in opening to a higher and deeper energy connection together. Sometimes energies and full health can be blocked by old patterns & inherited traumas & learned limitations that we are still loyal to. I help clear those & support my clients to see where they are still entangled. Especially as women. They are often the backbones of families and communities, but many aren’t living life fully yet or aren’t fully taking their place in life.

Systemic Constellations can help us so much more with listening to our own voices & intuition, healing our relationship with our bodies, and feeling more at peace with who we are.

I stand for unbounded living, for remembering that you are unbounded & can live your life with much more freedom than you now think. I am passionate about living more aligned with nature & practicing a lifestyle that honors the connection to the earth. I love running barefoot & in sandals and bringing others a different perspective on who we are as human beings & how we can live more connected with the earth & our ancestral wisdom.

I am very grateful to have been asked to be an Ambassador for CI and to support the wider impact of this work in the world. I love being connected to constellators all over the world and believe that we can only change the way the world is going together. We need community and connection. This is what CI provides, together with professional recognition and standards. I am honored to be part of this life-changing movement, for the next generations to come.

René Schubert, Brazil

I am a psychologist and psychoanalyst. I have a private clinical practice in the city of São Paulo.  I work with adults and children in psycho-diagnosis, play therapy, psychotherapy, vocational guidance, sexual education, and family guidance.

I’m a teacher in post-graduations in mental health, psychology, and systemic constellation. I give lectures and training in Brazilian states and in America.

I started my studies in Family Constellation in 2009. In 2011 I went to Germany to follow my studies with Bert Hellinger.  In 2015 I was Bert Hellinger’s translator at the International Training Camp in Bad Reichenhall. Since 2015, when the opportunity arises, I translate to the Brazilian public pieces of training of English and German language facilitators. 

I followed the work and training with Dr. Ursula Franke Bryson and Thomas Bryson, to improve my knowledge of family constellation work in the individual context. I had the opportunity to learn with Peter and Tsuyuko Spelter, Dr. Guni Baxa, Christine Blumenstein Essen, Richard Wallstein, Anton de Kroon, William Mannle, Gerhard Gigler, Hans Hein, Joan Garriga, Stephan Hausner.

I keep updating and improving my knowledge in the field of family constellations, psychotherapy, and mental health.

In Brazil I have published some books addressing the themes of Family Constellation; Organizational Constellation; Systemic Thinking and Practices; Psychopathology; Sexual Education; Psychoanalysis and mental health. Of my published books there is one available in the English language: Touching the Soul (published in 2020)

Spoken languages: German – English – Portuguese

Lars Christian Boerner, Germany

Lars Christian is the Ambassador of Constellators International in Germany.


In Italy, we have an Ambassador team of 2

Sonia Bortolussi, Italy

I am Sonia, a Family Constellator trained in the Hellinger School. My background includes many disciplines such as Lowen’s Bioenergetics, Psychogenealogy, Neuroscience,
Metagenealogy, the Brain-Psyche Organ Connection, Somatic Experiencing. I also have many years experience of working with children.

Family constellations have allowed me to integrate and harmonize many of these disciplines to create my own method, the Biology of the Soul. I continue to experience how much work in the morphogenetic field manifests separations, exclusions, and secrets of our ancestors and how much all this is a bond that goes beyond death, it is a bond of fidelity, of love, that crosses generations.

Being the Italian Ambassador for Constellators International gives me the opportunity to the importance of family constellations for the individual and the whole family system, thus creating a culture and international exchange between different constellators.

I am currently working in Italy with Barbara Ventrella, both as a teacher in training for Systemic Family Constellators, teaching the principles of Bert Hellinger, and as Vice-President of the AICFS (Italian Association of Systemic Family Constellators). My entry as an ambassador would also be a collaboration with Jana Kosacheva, a translator in the training seminars.

I feel that this collaboration is very fruitful, as it can lead us to create links with other countries and share new visions that can broaden the perspective of the Constellators.

Yana Kosacheva, Italy

Hi, my name is Yana. I absolutely love constellation work and the power of the phenomenological field. I have been with Hellingerschool for 5 years where Bert and Sophie Hellinger have given me the basis and all the most important information about family constellations. I fell in love with this method in 2011 after having experienced the phenomenology of representative perception in one constellation. So I decided immediately to learn this profession (before that time I worked in Import Export and was a Customer Service and then a Logistics manager in one international Company). 

The field of constellations never stops surprising me with its limitlessness, humbleness, simplicity, and its depth at the same time. During all periods of knowledge acquisition in the field of constellations, different training and education programs in psychology I have observed incredible transformation experiences in different areas that clients, including me, have lived. I have studied in Russia and Germany, I continue my training in Italy (where I live since 2010) to be in line and update with my profession of systemic family constellator. Very important to me is the supervision and personal therapy to be able to work in a “pure” way with the clients.

My linguistic background allows me to work in Italian, Russian, German, and English language. A postgraduate education program in psychology gives me a vast vision and high client and self-perception to avoid traumatization and transfer of any kind.

I have been observing the transformation of constellation work itself (in Russia, Germany, and Italy) since 2011 till nowadays, and seen how multilevel they become. This perception is very difficult to describe in words. We have done a lot of different work on ourselves (I mean here psychotherapy, constellations, regress etc.), in this way the constellations we get, reflect the systemic profound layers and work on the entire system much deeper.  

Since 2022 I give my linguistic support to the Italian Association of Family Systemic Constellators and its President Barbara Ventrella, who has invited me to be an interpreter in the constellation seminars. I am honored to be in service in the constellation field of this wonderful country. I give my linguistic support to Barbara Ventrella within CI projects and will be happy to be Co-Ambassador for Italy working together with Sonia Bortolussi. Together we can create interconnections worldwide and connect Italy to other countries through the constellation work and communication to our colleagues exchanging ideas, experience, and creativity.  

Nur Erdogan Tas, United Arab Emirates, Dubai

My name is Nur, I am the Ambassador of Constellators International for the United Arab Emirates. I am originally from Izmir, Turkey.

I am a “full-time student”, motivated by helping people come over their challenges in life and reach their highest potential and align with their most authentic selves and purpose.

I have a dual degree in Business Administration and Sociology. After graduating in Business Administration, I started my career in finance. Later my interest in human behaviors and quantum mechanics had let me through a spiritual journey. Since then, I learned numerous healing techniques some of which I am teaching as well. (8 Modules in Theta Healing and Inner Speak)

Believing that no single approach is the right for each individual I apply a different range of techniques for a wide range of ailments; including Family Constellations, ThetaHealing, Inner Speak, Access Bars, Subconscious Languages and Miracles, Breath Coaching, etc. I do this by acting as a facilitator in processing unresolved issues, and traumas and reprogramming limiting belief systems at a subconscious level.

Being a citizen of Dubai, where people from 200 nationalities live in peace and harmony, I am thrilled to join CI where each individual can be heard while being respected and feeling included and supported in many areas.

Ayse Esma Vatansever, Turkey

I received my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Uludağ University in 2004. My aspiration was to be a child psychologist, so I began my professional practice with children. After completing various test training pieces (WISC-R, MMPI, TAT, CAT, etc.), I worked as a consultant in kindergartens and rehabilitation centers, handled managing responsibilities, and gave seminars in different organizations.

My experience with children eventually led me to engage with parents because I realized they were actually reflecting mothers and fathers with their troubles. Thus, I started working as a trauma therapist for adults, participating in an Istanbul Municipality project that provided free psychological support to women victims of trauma. Meanwhile, I completed several other pieces of training such as EMDR, Solution Focused Therapy, Addiction Therapy, and CBT.

Subsequently, I opened my own private counseling center in Istanbul, received one year of Family and Couple Therapy training, and then worked privately with couples. In 2010, I was introduced to Systemic Constellations which had an immense impact on me, so I finished a yearlong training in the field. Simultaneously, spiritual and shamanic studies also drew my attention and preoccupation. I passed Regression Therapy Training for about two years at Unicorn Transformational Studies affiliated with the World Regression Therapy Association (EARTH). In this scope, subjects like Inner Child Work, Past Life Regression, and Ancestral Inheritance are among my research interests and areas of study.

I find Regression Therapy and Systemic Constellations to be exceptionally complementary in a reciprocal fashion, especially in conjunction with the perspective of modern psychology. I also acquired exclusive training in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Optimum Balance Model, which is a new approach to Psychotherapy. I explored Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way in self-development studies and took the Enneagram Training and I still maintain my connection with the Fourth Way.

Last but certainly not least, I received Basic Systemic Constellations Training and Specialization Training from Stephanie Hartung and then moved up to Systemic Constellations Level 3 Training with Deniz Öztaş. Utilizing and blending diversified approaches from entirely distinct fields is an essential source of inspiration in my ever-illuminating journey. Besides the wonderful trainers I have encountered in rejuvenating studies, my greatest teachers have always been my clients. What they have revealed, reflected, and rendered to me could not be possibly expressed in mere words.

Now I realize I had always been tracing the system that drives life and human beings, and this path eventually guided me towards Systemic Constellations. I believe the most vital aspect of the systemic perspective is that it generates an empowering and liberating capability to eliminate all narrow-minded and confining sentiments, thus marking the beginning of a genuine healing process that includes maturation and emancipation. And the one and only viable way to this development is to establish contact with “reality”. After all, I am excited to extend the prospect and progress of working with Systemic Constellations to more people in my beautiful country. It is a refreshing delight to grow together.

Mila Anna Scott, Scotland

My mission is to help others: see their potential, heal emotional wounds and traumas, and release emotions that do not serve.

I started my career as a Constellator in Education Studies in Poland. It gave me a broad view of the human being, both as an individual, but also as a group in a broader social and developmental context. It allowed me to see how many dependencies and factors influence a person. That is why I have been working with people for 20 years. I started my professional career in services. This job has taught me the ability to listen carefully, focus on customer needs, and empathize. Many emphasized that contact with me alone gives them relief, and restores mental and physical well-being. Following this lead, I decided to become a Life Coach when choosing my next profession.

Psychology and personal development have been an integral part of my life for many years. In the course of my own transformation, I discovered Systemic Constellations. They fascinated me with their simplicity and effectiveness. So I decided to complete my training with John Whittington, Ewelina Berniak, and Oana Tanase from Coaching Constellations LTD. They prepared me to work with both individual clients and companies. After obtaining ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited certificates, I decided to develop my business in the online space as well as in Edinburgh.

In addition to Systemic Constellations, I use holistic therapies such as Reiki, Soul Body Fusion, Shamanic Healing, Process Work, and Inner Child Work. I also combine other methods of energy and coaching work, adapting them to the needs of clients.

We have two Ambassadors for Georgia. Teona is located in Germany and intensely supports CI in organization and promotion issues. She also helps with the English for those Georgian colleagues who want to have support.

Tamta is located in Tiflis, Georgia. She is the soul of CONSTELLATORS GEORGIA and supports in spreading the news and organizing training with Moksha Peikari, a member of our CI Advisory Board.

Teona Tedradze

My name is Teona Tetradze and I am the Ambassador for Georgia. I live in Bonn, Germany. I am originally from Tbilisi, Georgia. I am currently working on an MBA in Business Administration. After finishing my MBA, I would like to start Ph.D. with the Topic “Organizational Constellations and how it can be developed in daily business life.“ Moreover, I am a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher.

From next year I am participating in a one-year training in constellation work with Stephanie Hartung and Moksha Peikari, in addition, I will be supporting the Georgian Group as an Interpreter.

My very first experience of Family Constellations was 2 years ago, and, at that moment, I clearly understood that it is more than just a method. It is a tremendous possibility to see the bigger picture, listen to your inner voice, and activate inner resources, it enables individuals and families to remain intact and improve how they manage their lives. I love this work and how it helps us to break unnecessary patterns and connects with ourselves.

Family Constellation totally changed my life and I’ve decided to create a possibility for other people to become acquainted with this work. The whole process would be impossible without Moksha Peikari, whose first 3-Day Family Constellation Workshop in Cologne was organized by me. The success of the Training exceeded expectations and after that I am organizing training pieces with Stephanie Hartung and Moksha Peikari in Germany. I am also translating Books from English and German languages and support CI in organization and promotion issues.

It is a great honor for me to be Ambassador for Georgia and assist CI to become a well-known, important, and valuable platform for constellators all over the world.

Last but not least we are made of layers, cells, and constellations.

Tamta Kilasonia

I work as a yoga teacher in Tbilisi. I attended a family systemic constellation workshop in Tbilisi in the fall of 2020 for the first time. Since then I have been intensively participating in all family constellation seminars that take place in our country. Furthermore, I am organizing Systemic Constellation workshops from Moksha Peikari in Georgia and intensively supporting Constellators Georgia in organizational and promoting issues, as well I will actively assist both one-year pieces of training in Systemic and Organizational Constellations with Stephanie Hartung and Moksha Peikari.

The main area of my activity is meditation and yoga. I conduct group yoga classes as well as individual classes. From time to time I conduct Osho’s Dynamic and Kundalini meditations. The duration of these programs is 21 days. I also guide Holotropic breathwork and Hypnotherapy. The main passion of my life is people and their well-being. All my work is dedicated to understanding and improving the quality of their life.

Lately, I got interested in the Systemic Constellation method. I find it fascinating how this method gives people the opportunity to see their issues from different angles through someone else’s eyes.

In Georgia, historically and culturally the family has always been a very strong alliance, even nowadays. That is why I think the Systemic Constellation method is very relevant and essential in our country’s reality.


Tasso Hetterschijt, Guatemala

My name is Tasso Hetterschijt and I live in the capital of Ciudad Guatemala. I am originally from The Netherlands. I have worked in many different countries as an organizational advisor for agricultural development agencies before deciding to open my own business as a consultant in 2011.

As an organizational advisor, I worked with people, roles, teams or organizations, always seeing the people as well as effective advisory interventions. The book of Peter Senge had a huge impact on me and I started in 2005 to apply his view to my work. For me, systemic work has always been more than just a method or a process. For me, it is a way of seeing and centering the relationships we have. It is an effective and easy way to make it visible and to improve the quality of the connections between people, teams, and organizations. Growth and development is the common factor in my work as a consultant, not only personal development but also collective development.

Since I met Bert Hellinger in 2011 family constellations, my own family constellations helped me to reconnect with my body, my parents, my past, my origin, and my vocation. It has connected me deeper to everything and life again. From the first moment, I knew this was something to explore, apply, do, and spread the impact. I cofounded ICOF (Constellation Institute) in Guatemala and left it in 2019 to begin for myself.

Now I mainly support women in their personal development. I especially work with constellations as an empowering tool for personal and feminine leadership.

I am very grateful to have been asked to be an Ambassador for CI and to support the wider impact of this work in the world. I am excited of connecting to constellators all over the world and to see that we not only teach but live and collaborate by the systemic fundaments and the orders of love.

Natalia Spokoinyi, Germany

I am a mathematician from Moscow by first education. As for my second degree, I am a  broad-minded theologian: I studied with ecumenical priests Alexander Men (murdered by the KGB in 1990), Georgy Chistyakov, René Marichal (France), and many others.

My husband is a famous mathematician and was invited to work in Berlin (he is a professor at Humboldt University), so we moved to Berlin 30 years ago with 3 children aged from 2 to 5. Seven years later three more children were born in Berlin one after another, we have 6 children in total.

In Berlin I worked a lot in the church with children and young people, I started to learn child, Christian psychology, and trauma therapy from Marilyn Murray. Later I got a third degree in social psychology in order to practice systemic constellations professionally and help people effectively.

I have completed a course on family (2 years), organizational (1.5 years), structural (1 year) constellations, constellations for working with trauma (2 years), addictions (1 year), and numerous seminars. My teachers include Bert Hellinger, Gunthard Weber, Hunter Beaumont, Jakob Schneider, Ursula Franke, Christina Essen-Blumenstein und Michael Blumenstein, Claude Rosselet, Gerhard Stey, Marianne Franke-Gricksch, Rolland Schilling, Michael Burnjaschew and many more. In 2012 I completed a 3-year master’s course under Prof. Dr. Hunter Beaumont and was certified by the DGfS as a training therapist.

At the same time, I also studied different areas of psychotherapy. I also completed a course on systemic sexual therapy (1.5 years) under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Ulrich Clement by the Institute for Sexual Therapy Aachen/Heidelberg.

In order to qualitatively help people with systemic constellations I had to study a lot of short-term psychotherapy methods. As a result, I was certified as an EAP psychotherapist in 2011 and as a WCP psychotherapist in 2013.

My certificates in systemic constellations :

WISL, APSYS, Hellinger Schule (Hellinger Sciencia®), master course certificate from Prof. Dr. Hunter Beaumont.

In constellation work, I combine all three of my professions. The integration of scientific and spiritual approaches is important to me (The Manifesto for a post-materialist science 

For me, the systemic constellation is Cutting-Edge IT. In it, we receive information from the Source of the Field, so it is information technology. I am sure you can consider systemic constellation as an MRI of the subconsciousness. In our post-modern era cutting-edge (supernew) informational technologies have become available, based on advances in quantum physics and neuroscience. Systemic constellation refers to the Third generation of science  – RESONANCE THEORY (founded by L. Pauling 1928). In it, as in quantum physics, the observer enters the System. 

I teach my students how to work in a constellation with severe trauma. For this purpose, I have developed several authors’ methods that take advantage of the spiritually oriented-approach. Central among them is the 4D- or BEMS-Model (Body-Emotions-Mind-Spirit Model), which allows for restoring the integrity of the personality on all levels from the body to spirit after very severe trauma, such as sexual abuse, incest, etc.

We consider that systemic constellation is no longer therapy of the ψυχή (psyche), but therapy of the spirit. Spiritual vibrations are the highest, so they can influence all the other parts of the personality – body, emotions, and intellect. This is why systemic constellations are so effective. I have nothing to do with medicine, and several clients have been freed from hepatitis C, lupus erythematosus, and severe systemic diseases. One young man was even freed from schizophrenia. This is the miracle of the systemic constellation.

5 years ago I came up with a new kind of constellation – Value Oriented Constellation. Orientation to the Will of the Higher Value as THE ARCHIMEDEAN LEVER when working with serious trauma brings clarity, precision, and energy. This way you can test any complex choice for a maximum of a minute: which request is best to work with; which figure to place, which representative to choose for the role, etc. I orient the Field of constellation towards the Will of the Source of the Field. And the body of the representative or constellator as a compass arrow shows how far this or that choice deviates from the Will of the Source of the Field. This allows the constellation to work optimally, i.e. to get the maximum resource for the client. And the maximum resource helps to integrate the result of the constellation into life more easily. This is especially important in cases of severe trauma.

I have been conducting constellations since 2008. In 2012, I started teaching them at my IIS-Berlin Institute. At the same time, I also started to teach constellations in an online group. The representatives in different cities and countries get into the role just like in classical constellations and feel the role in the body. The results are inspiring. Then I published an article describing all the features and intricacies of this work. I have been teaching this method to students since 2013. I am now recruiting for my 10th course.

In conclusion, I would like to thank Stephanie Hartung and the colleagues who organized CI. I have been looking for a long time for an international organization that combines order and love. The quality of the work is very important to me, so it is very valuable that there is a certification of professionals here. The fact that we are here from different countries and cultures is very important.  I have seen examples of the constellations dealing with the Second World War in which Russian constellators failed to cope with the constellations – where  Russian soldiers were raping German women. And our famous German teacher could not cope with a constellation, where German soldiers acted as aggressors. It happened because her father was a Russian prisoner after the war, at that time she was 5 years old.

I realized that in our subconscious we are often still the aggressors for each other. This creates blind spots that interfere with the work. When I work in an international group, everything works out, because in such a group all the dynamics are represented. And it is possible to work effectively with conflict, war, aggression, etc. I believe that in CI, we have great opportunities not only to share experiences but also to work together and to understand each other better. And most importantly, to overcome subconscious conflicts and contradictions. And that means making this world a kinder and better place.

And I see here the German order, love, and the opportunity to communicate freely and to exchange experiences and views. And I am very close to the organizers’ plans to set up a Foundation, where funds will be used to publish and translate books and for useful endeavors for us all. Thank you very much. I invite not only citizens of the Russian Federation, but all Russian-speaking people to our group. And I hope that together we will benefit ourselves and all CI members.


Hilde van Bulck, Belgium


2023 11 01

My parents named me Hilde, signifying ‘struggle, warrior’ or ‘the helmeted heroine’. I faced numerous struggles until I recognized my role as a warrior for the Light of Consciousness. This epiphany profoundly transformed my life. It turned it upside down. Every area in my life changed, sometimes almost overnight. I was about 33 years old. A new world unfolded itself to me. This new situation that was a result of transgenerational consequences felt like my personal Big Bang. As if I was given a new birth opportunity. The scope of this event is still expanding.

I became an avid learner, diving deep into various modalities like bodywork, massages, foot reflexology, breath work, craniosacral therapy, reading and healing, energy work, personal development, aura and chakra teachings, Light work, and the seven cosmic rays. Additionally, I am an inquisitive autodidact who continues to explore the areas of consciousness within myself and the individuals and groups I work with.

At that time, I was a teacher to pupils aged 12 to 18. My personal adventures had a massive impact on my teaching and my students. It changed my views on education completely. I developed a new way of teaching: Teaching by being. I wrote a book about it and provided many trainings, all including awareness, and consciousness.

I’ve been working in the official school system for 26 years as a director (twice), coordinator, and teacher. I took responsibility for several other functions. Teaching is one of my first loves, which I already realized when I was in kindergarten. So, you could call it a vocation for education. I have this beautiful spiritual name Shavoa, which means Master from the mountains, the one who knows the teaching, understands the teaching and teaches the teaching. This refers not only to teaching in schools but also to teaching concerning the essence of life (and death).

Naturally, outside my educational role, I began a practice in which I was able to guide clients with various problems. It was in that period that I discovered constellation work. I was very surprised that I already knew the work, for during the readings I did for my clients, I was shown constellations about their family system all the time. And during my training (about 16 years) with Michael Barnett we were trained in very subtle observations and movements and the influence of soul work to bring us to our essence. It aligned seamlessly with my newfound passion.

In 2011, I started my organization Samtati, House of Awareness. In the current important time of paradigm and consciousness shift, I thought it was important to work for the collective. I strive for a collective consciousness in which all aspects of life are central and important values. This begins with self-leadership aiming for Global Living in Awareness with Systemic Leadership Awareness being the pathway.

My mission is to disseminate constellation work, having seen its transformative power first-hand. I want to empower those who struggle with living a fulfilling life. In all the years I’ve been doing this work, I have observed how issues surrounding life and death influence many people’s lives. It even shows in the difficulties schools face. It is a controversial subject, but not for me. Many people who think they have no courage to live anymore find their way to my work. This always means they’ll be able to rediscover the true meaning of life. That is my greatest joy. Constellation work plays a major part in it.

I combine constellation work with the other areas of my experience. I do group constellations in a wide range of issues monthly in addition to the training, consultancies, educational constellations, and the constellations with the seven cosmic rays. Furthermore, I assist schools in crisis by working with them through presence and constellation work. In all this, it is my strength to bring people closer to their divine essence.

Apart from professional endeavors, my joys include reading, writing, cinema, theater, Nordic walking, dancing, spirituality, cats, and Belgian fries.

I express my gratitude to Stephanie and Constellators International for including me in their global vision. Their ideas align with my dreams. I’m thrilled to play a part in promoting this vital undertaking. I’m eager to attend the Malta retreat in 2024 for the full three weeks. I’m looking forward to meeting you there. Thank you.

Carmen Pipola, Switzerland

Text Carmen