Our Ambassadors are the CI voice in their region

Here the CI Ambassadors introduce themselves. They support spreading the news about CI in their region and on Social Media. The Ambassadors are also there to support CI members in their respective mother languages

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador for CI in your region, please contact us. 

Kashish Vyas / Mumbai, India

Kashish is a dynamic individual who enjoys studying human behavior and is curious about the deep mysteries of Creation. He loves to explore them and has embarked on the journey of rediscovering himself. After working in the corporate sector for about 5 years, it is this heartful curiosity that led Kashish to take the plunge and follow his calling, that is – to work with people in the space of inner healing, growth, and transformation. He is a trauma-informed Emotional Wellness & Systemic Coach, as of today. Kashish integrates EFT, Inner Child work, Systemic Constellations, and Inherited Family Trauma work to support people. He also incorporates story-telling from ancient Indian scriptures + history in his sessions to help individuals and groups understand Systemic wisdom with more ease. 

Kashish is a trained and certified EFT-Inner Child, Family Constellations Facilitator, and Systemic Coach (IPHM, UK). He has also been one of the Program Supervisors in The Systemic Medicine Course aka TSM offered by Cognial Healers Academy in 2022. The program focused on training individuals in Systemic Constellations and related practices. Kashish has also volunteered with the Art of Living Foundation in organizing meditation, yoga, and breathwork-based workshops to manage stress/lifestyle for teens, kids, and young adults.

As a Systemic Constellations practitioner, he works with clients from different walks of life and has a deeply immersive approach to help address a wide range of issues – psycho-somatic disorders, mental/emotional issues, relationship challenges and career +money blocks. Kashish has been working 1:1 and in group setups with people. He has been active in the healing space for more than 3 years now and has worked/addressed 200+ people so far. His journey continues further. 

His vision is to bring Integrative and Trauma-Informed systemic care to millions across the globe. Kashish feels strongly that his vision aligns with CI and as a 

CI Ambassador he would be able to do so. His larger areas of interest are – Organisations, Education, and Politics. He looks forward to contributing judiciously in creating a credible CI community in India and bringing Systemic Wisdom to said areas of interest.

Bit of trivia about Kashish: he is an enthusiast of Vedic literature, Astrology, History, and Politics. He also enjoys storytelling, movies, reading, and occasional writing and loves to sing too.

Rasha El Gamal / Cairo, Egypt

Rasha is our Ambassador for Egypt. She is an HR professional and management counselor with more than 20 years of experience in leading HR & culture departments in large international organizations like PepsiCo & Lafarge and also with large Egyptian companies currently with DMG/Mountain View for Real Estate.

In her journey with her current company DMG which started in 2008, Rasha successfully built it up to be a Values Based Organization with a strong culture. Starting in 2016, Rasha led her company to develop and deploy a world-class culture development program with Delivering Happiness™(DH). This resulted in 1) a positive work environment based on the science of happiness, 2) growth in the DMG business and revenue, and 3) an increase in the level of engagement of its people.

Rasha also succeeded in leading her company DMG to become the first Egyptian company certified by Top Employer international in 2018, receiving the Top Employer Award in people practices, HR systems, and work environment. Rasha succeeded in adding another international award in 2021 by winning Tony Hsieh International Award that recognized DMG/Mountain View and its leaders for their significant advancement and bold innovation in human elevation and organizational design, The success story of DMG/Mountain View HR & Culture Transformation is documented in the Wall Street Journal Best Seller “Beyond Happiness” book.

Rasha now leads the DMG partnership with DH (a US-based global co.) as Managing Director of DH Egypt for Management Consulting, in addition to her role as VP of HR & Culture at DMG. Through her role with DHE, she guides organizations in Egypt and the Middle East to develop and deploy culture transformation programs that create more engaged employees, happier customers, and more profitable businesses.

Rasha is a certified professional/consultant in different self & organization development tools like MBTI, HBDI, DISC, Enneagram, NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Relationship coaching (intellect school), Barrett Cultural Transformation (CTT), Leaders Transformation through Values (FTV), Numerology in Business, Systemic Constellation (currently the ambassador of Constellators International in Egypt), and she is also certified director/board member by CDCP.

Rasha’s main passion & focus is helping business leaders to create purpose-driven human-centric organizations using a mix of DH, Barrett & Laloux Culture models that elevate the consciousness level of organizations through culture transformation & systemic constellation consultancy.


Minu Rudrani / Halifax, Canada

Rudrāni (Minu) is our Ambassador for Canada. First and foremost, Rudrāni is a yoga practitioner and a trained yoga teacher with over 2000 hours of teaching experience. She teaches yogic asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breathwork), yogic contemplation, and meditation techniques. She is certified in advanced teaching from India (RYT200) and Canada (RYT500).

She’s also a trained and certified psychotherapist and a systemic/family constellation professional (IPHM UK, Omega Institute – Dr. Brian Weiss, Quantum Life University), working in the field of intergenerational trauma healing, regression therapy, inner child healing, emotional freedom techniques, yoga therapy all catering to a person’s holistic wellbeing. She is a course supervisor on TSM (The Systemic Medicine course with Cognial Healers’ Academy (IPHM UK).

She comes from the world of engineering and social development, having worked extensively in the areas of community upliftment, youth development, livelihood training, and education in her home country India and other South-East Asian countries. She has worked in rehabilitating youth and communities from conflict-ridden and disaster-hit regions in these countries.

Rudrāni has been using a combination of her yogic knowledge and constellation techniques in her therapy work and finds it immensely powerful. She is passionate about taking this particular stream of work forward. She is grateful and honored to be an ambassador with CONSTELLATOTS INTERNATIONAL. She looks forward to being an integral part of the CI community and taking forward the valuable work of sharing and learning with the community at CI and contributing her time and efforts in building a strong membership community in the Americas.


Leksana is the ambassador of CONSTELLATORS INTERNATIONAL of Southeast Asia (ASEAN). He is passionate about bringing systemic constellations to the field of ASEAN to help leaders, educators, and organizations untangle stuckness and issues in change. As individuals and organizations become more complex, he believes that understanding the connections between the various components of the system will be the next frontier to help them address challenges effectively.

Leksana has a unique combination of senior business experience and distinctive skills in change facilitation and leadership coaching. He discovered his true calling in working with leaders twenty-two years ago. His work encompasses facilitating top team alignment, organization transformation, and leadership development. He has been partnering with hundreds of board members and top teams of MNCs, large private groups, and public enterprises in Asia.

Leksana’s approach helps leaders convene and align for whole-system transformation that often starts with self-leadership. His conversations with leaders go beneath the surface, creating a safe space for them to uncover inner blockages. This enables the leaders to expand their awareness and devise steps to achieve a balance of health and performance.

His early ten-year career was spread across leadership in engineering, strategy consulting, and financial services. Leksana studied MBA at Warwick University. He is a PCC by ICF and is a Newfield Certified Coach. A Barrett Values CTT, certified by MMS Worldwide Institute, Facilitating Transformation through Values (FTV), and Leadership Circle Profile.

In a quest to discover his true purpose and self-evolution journey, he studied NLP under Dr. John Grinder, Robert Dilts, and Dr. Richard Bolstad, Ontology coaching under Julio Olalla, Coaching under Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott, Values approach under Richard Barrett, and Transformation under Gita Bellin. His passion for helping others to transform themselves also led him to integrate and practice systemic thinking, theory-U, Gestalt therapy, family therapy, and cognitive psychology.

Monika Wyss, Malaysia

My first experience with Family Constellation in 2001 totally changed my life and has awakened in me my purpose to support people to see that they are not broken and that there is a path to wholeness. I started to understand how my country (Poland), culture, and ancestors influenced who I became. This work went so much deeper than psychotherapy or anything else that I have experienced before. It became my passion to spread this beautiful work in Malaysia and South-East Asia, where I’ve been living for the past 20 years. For 10 years I have been teaching Systemic Constellations and in 2014 I have founded Heart Sanctuary in Kuala Lumpur – a holistic center that is home to Systemic Constellations in Malaysia and a place for people to connect from heart to heart. Coming from Poland but living and working in Asia showed me that we are all the same and we face the same issues, no matter what race, religion, or culture we are coming from. Being able to hold space for others while they find their place and strength and can let go of the past, fills my heart with the deepest joy and appreciation to Bert Hellinger and all my teachers for sharing this work with me. I trust that by embodying and teaching the principles of Systemic Constellations I’m doing my part in spreading this fundamental work throughout the world.

My heart is filled with gratitude for Stephanie Hartung and CONSTELLATORS INTERNATIONAL for opening the Field to all of us who truly want to connect and work together. I have been looking for a long time for an organization where I can feel at home with other constellators, where we can exchange, support each other, and have a platform to share our offerings.