The Extra-Ordinary Salon

In the 18th century, a salon was a place where artists and writers mingled with potential patrons.

They were hosted by wealthy women who sought a means of independence and freedom from the constraints of society

Our Extra-Ordinary Salon invites whoever feels called to participate in a gathering where we can be in-formed by the Knowing Field. Beyond constraints, beyond labels, seeking diversity.

We offer 4 dates that follow an emerging process

  • 14 Feb Awakening
  • 16 May Flourishing
  • 5 Sep Harvesting
  • 12 Dec Restoring

Tuesdays, 10 AM – 1 PM on ZOOM

If you want to participate, please write us an email at

The Extra-Ordinary Salon is hosted by two women who are independent and free from the constraints of any Dos & Don’ts, Should be & Should not be.

We are dedicated to a radical mental and spiritual openness, and we love meeting and sharing, gaining insights, and learning from one another. Do you want to join us? Welcome!

Stephanie Hartung & Corinne Devery