Systemic Intelligence in Organizations

The Scientific Department for Systemic Intelligence in Organizations explores the many possibilities that arise when Systemic Intelligence is applied in organizations, and the possibilities this opens up for the method of Constellation Work.

Dear systemic friend,

First and foremost, I want you to know that I am honored and joyful to be able to start my contribution to CI as the Director of the Scientific Department for Systemic Intelligence in Organizations.

This work feels like my life’s path and soul’s work. Contributing to a better world for all beings without any exception by helping organizations to newly understand themselves and their role in society. Helping them to see how they are part of and not separate from a larger field of responsibility for this planet. The development of organizational Systemic Intelligence® is only just starting.

Let me invite you to join me on a journey of discovery, surprise, reflection, joy & despair, reinvention, and more, in the wonderful and wonderous world of organizational systems. In the last 20 years, I’ve been discovering more and more layers in the fields of an organization, by asking myself new questions and by listening with systemic intuition to the whispers from the field.

Some background about me

My life’s path has led me in different directions which in the end always seemed to end in a full circle. Not just one circle but many circles building on each other.

I have 25 years of international business experience in many different functions including a European Management Team position before I started as a senior executive coach, facilitator of systemic transformation, culture integration, and collective trauma healing in organizations.

Life has apprenticed me and forced me to start learning about myself. It started with NLP. As I was becoming more and more intrigued about how humans and organizations worked together, I entered systemic work. A wonderful next step, that took me on a journey of 20+ years with many teachers, guides, and inspirers studying the systemic fields of Family Systemic Work, Trauma work, Syst®, SRT, Collective Trauma, Mystical Principles, and more.

Systemic Intelligence®

Today I bring it all together when I support senior professionals and business leaders to connect with their internal leadership qualities of self-awareness, self-management, courage, and balance and how to inspire these qualities in the organization they lead. In this work, I use my methodology of Systemic Intelligence®.

The development of Systemic Intelligence® started 15 years ago when I realized, that the market for organizational constellations was (and often still is) very small. Yet, the market potential and application of the systemic way of thinking and seeing was and is huge. I needed a different approach to be able to bring systemic work to my world of organizational and leadership development.

Systemic Intelligence® enables leaders to embrace their potential, outgrow their current perception of who they think they are, and stay centered while venturing into complexity and the unknown of the organizational fields they are walking in. Systemic Intelligence® contains systemic sensibility, systemic awareness, systemic intuition, and systemic effectiveness in organizations.

Since then, together with other colleagues, I have developed many training programs in the organizational systemic and business field, both online and in-person. I am also the co-author of our book “EMERGENT, the Power of Systemic Intelligence to Navigate the Complexity of M&A” & have published several articles.

Today, I invite your systemic input, insight, and reflections to collectively start to explore, further describe and open up this work to the rest of the working world. I have many ideas and a developing vision, yet it’s much more exciting to DO IT TOGETHER following my strong belief of “SHARING IS GROWING”. So, please send me a message, and let’s start talking!

Kindly, Paul