Education & Constellation

The Scientific Department of Education & Constellations researches the possibilities of using constellation work in the field of education.

1. Introduction of Hilde Van Bulck and Lars Christian Börner

Hilde van Bulck and Lars Christian Börner are the pioneering directors of the Scientific Department of Education & Constellations at CONSTELLATORS INTERNATIONAL. Hilde, with her keen eye for unraveling hidden dynamics in educational settings, and Lars, who merges the arts, sciences, and heartwarming emotions of constellational work, come together to bring about revolutionary changes in the field of education.

2. Main Goal

Our primary aim is to integrate the profound potential of constellation work into the global educational landscape, bringing clarity to underlying dynamics, forging stronger relationships, and promoting holistic educational experiences.

3. Vision

We envision a world where educational spaces are not just centers of learning but hubs of deep understanding and systemic harmony. Where every challenge faced by schools, teachers, and students becomes an opportunity for growth, facilitated by the insight and balance offered through constellation work.

4. Mission

To empower educators, students, and school communities worldwide with the transformative tools of constellation work, fostering environments where understanding goes beyond the surface, and holistic development is at the core of every educational endeavor.

5. Why our offering makes sense for schools

In an era of rapid change and escalating complexities, schools need tools that go beyond conventional approaches. Constellation work offers a deeper dive into understanding the very dynamics that influence educational settings. From interpersonal relationships to systemic challenges, constellation work paves the way for schools to operate with heightened clarity, harmony, and holistic effectiveness.

6. Why constellation work makes sense for schools

In the ever-evolving world of education, where challenges arise as quickly as solutions, there is a need for a method that addresses the root, the very underpinnings of these challenges. Constellation work does precisely that. It unveils the hidden dynamics, not just offering surface-level solutions but fostering a deeper understanding, balance, and harmony in the educational space. In this way, schools don’t just solve problems; they transform, creating nurturing and harmonious environments for all.

7. Steps to reach the goal

  1. Awareness Campaigns: Host international webinars and workshops to introduce the concept and benefits of constellation work.
  2. Collaborative Research: Partner with global educational institutions for studies showcasing the effectiveness of constellation methodologies.
  3. Training Programs: Offer certification courses for educators and school leaders to become facilitators in constellation work.
  4. Community Building: Create platforms where educators globally can share their experiences, challenges, and success stories.
  5. Integration with Curricula: Collaborate with educational policymakers to weave constellation work into mainstream teaching methods.

8. International Visibility

  1. Partnerships: Form alliances with international educational organizations and forums.
  2. Publishing: Release papers, articles, and case studies in renowned educational journals.
  3. Global Workshops: Host workshops across continents, adapting to the unique challenges faced by different cultures.
  4. Online Presence: Leverage social media, and professional networks, and maintain a dynamic, interactive website.

Why We’re Here: Constellations in Education for Tomorrow’s World

Education, in its true essence, goes beyond the boundaries of traditional classroom walls. It’s a reflection of life, a mirror to our existence. With the systemic constellation approach, we aim to introduce a revolutionary dimension to learning, bringing the vast cosmos of human relations, experiences, and underlying dynamics directly into the realm of education. By doing so, we don’t just teach; we reveal, connect, and transform.

Imagine an educational system where we not only impart knowledge but also help students and educators uncover the intricate patterns and connections that shape our lives. By harnessing the power of constellations, we can shed light on hidden dynamics, creating an out-of-the-box thinking culture free from judgments learned by imitation. In this space, labels become irrelevant. Instead, experiences and realizations take center stage.

Through this journey, our mission is clear: to illuminate every educational touchpoint with the tenets of love, light, and power that underpin constellation work. We believe that no one should take suffering as a given. We’re here to present solutions, to alleviate those silent pains, and to show that life, in all its myriad shades from birth to death, is a cycle worth embracing.

By integrating systemic constellations into schools, we aspire for feelings of happiness, relief, and gratefulness to take root. Envision teachers and students alike, shining with newfound understandings, linked to a grander tapestry of existence. Picture institutions where meditation merges with daily learning, fostering environments of trust, mystery, and warmth – where humor and heart intertwine.

As we navigate the fast-paced currents of modern life, our systemic and holistic approach offers a fresh perspective. With every inspired adult venturing into teaching, with every student discovering joy in learning, and with every event that fosters global unity, we’re not just reforming education. We’re heralding a movement.

Our goal? To witness an educational paradigm where systemic constellations are the norm. A world where millions resonate with our vision, books encapsulate our teachings, and a new generation of educators rise, inspired by our methods. It’s a world where the past will be a testament to our transformative journey, a beacon for a future focused on unity, understanding, and holistic growth.

School, after all, isn’t just about traditional learning; it’s the foundation of life. And with the power of systemic constellations, we’re poised to redefine its very essence.