CI Academy

The CI Academy provides teaching in the field of systemic intelligence.

Step by step we will set up a program
a.) for organizations that are interested in learning about systemic intelligence and the possibilities that constellation work offers them,
b.) for constellation colleagues who want to gain constellation expertise in a specific field of application,
c.) for colleagues who want to learn constellation work and/or improve their constellation skills.

Our offers come in 3 categories
1. Introduction workshop – experience the variety of formats, approaches, and philosophies in the field of constellations
2. Learning workshops – deepen and widen your constellation abilities by learning from our experts
3. Training pieces – recognized training pieces led by recognized trainers.

Introduction Workshops on offer

Systemic Stories from RAMAYANA

Format ZOOM Free Workshop
Duration 2,5 hours
Language English
Date Tuesday 14 November 2023
Time 3:00-5:30 PM
Time zone CET Central Europe Time
Presenter Kashish Vyas
Nationality Indian

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