Reply To: Hello & Welcome 🙏🏼

  • Zena Me

    2024-01-24 at 15:38

    I thought it was you Nina, how amazing to see you here. Yes, that’s one of the functions of an Elder, their visionary gifts! 😃 Below is the link to join my Community of Elders. If you sign up you’ll get a weekly newsletter and invites to the free monthly online workshops where we discuss and share our visions and ideas with each other.

    The workshop may not be good for your time zone (it’s 12.30 -1.30pm UK time) but if you sign up you’ll get the recording. Here’s the link to join.

    and here’s details of the next free online workshop…

    Nina, you’d be our FIRST Australian ‘Elder’ member and I know you deeply love the indigenous wisodm from your country, so perhaps we can attract more of this too… I’m excited to see what will emerge.