SD Education & Constellation

The Scientific Department of Education & Constellations researches the possibilities of using constellation work in the field of education.

Director of the SD Education & Constellations

My constellational work’s guiding motto is “constellations are neither Abra nor Cadabra”.

This work is explainable, its effects are measurable and far beyond most of the other interventions in its impact. It certainly has a well-described scientific foundation and all of these facts don’t deny the most important fact about constellation work: It affects our heart, it is warming and emotional, we are laughing together and embracing our tears within it, while the constellation does its work.

The constellational work’s benefit needs trust in its effects on our daily life because it doesn’t come as a brain penetrating theory, that should be well learned like vocabulary or the newest method to be learned, but in a way that is better described as our whole body, as holistic. It is a craft, it is an art, it is a science that should therefore be well preserved.

Pedagogics and education is changing. School is changing, not only in Germany but around the world. Being capable of changing the existing system(s) without a holistic approach should anticipate failure. This would be a failure based on a good reason (as it always is from a systemic point of view), because the easy way to manage the complexity of this moment’s world requirements would be easy answers in order of a black-and-white color scale.

Would we find answers? Yes, we would! Would it be easy? Yes, it would! Would we find answers that will lead us to a final satisfaction? No, it won’t! So there should be another way, a holistic way, let’s name it: our constellational way that will definitely lead us to more questions but either to more energy and more power to lead our lives, to take the change and see the chances for change although there will be completely new constellations.

I have worked with different schools, and companies rooted in social business and youth welfare, and I saw the possibility of this way of change. It is not an easy way, but it is a guiding way to master our challenges, even though the challenges for education, pedagogics, and social work will be tough ones in a society that is changing faster and faster.

Constellation work was and will be a great fit for these challenges, for the individual and for society. Where should this energy be better put, than in the growing influence of our youth. Either if it is in a direct way, or if it is in an indirect way via their teachers, social workers, and humans in social pedagogy. They should be a perfect fit for a multiplier’s role.

It sounds like magic, but constellational work will still be a perfect fit for a faster-changing world because it has the possibility of messing with the fast change (i.e. digital possibilities of constellational work), opposing or slowing down the change by its holistic features to listen to the whole bodies effects on that change and is able to exit the race by ancient and new forms by the same time (i.e. constellational work with horses…).

But as I’ve already said, constellational work is neither abra nor Cadabra. It is a well-sharpened art that should be well-preserved.

I’m in!