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María Cecilia Fátima



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I work in my private practice in Paraná, Entre Ríos.



8.1.1- Article in the Journal of Relational Psychosomatics. N° 2: “Being named with his own name. Brief analysis of a child” page 78-Publication in Spanish.
May 2017-Paris- France

8.1.2- Article: “The skin, the mark of origin. How to make a life in suffering?”.
Published on internet site specialized in human sciences: English version and French version: Association Psychosomatique Relationale Psychosomatique de Paris (CIPS), Director, Psychoanalyst Sylvie Cady. Notification by email of the publication on the internet is attached.
March 2014

8.1.3- Article: “Psi practice at school in times of hyper-consumption and eye for an eye”. The work will be included in the publication of abstracts and papers of the JORNADAS PEDAGÓGICAS 2012, approved by Res. 2148/12 F.H.A.A.y C.S.- U. A. D. E.R.. Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.
Autonomous University of Entre Ríos.
September 27th and 28th, 2012

8.1.4-Articles published in “Gualeguay al día” between 2000 and 2001: Sunday publication. Articles published: “El aburrimiento en los adolescentes”, June 17, 2001; “Reflexiones sobre los acontecimientos, desde el campo de lo psicológico”, October 28, 2001; “Sobre padres e hijos y los efectos de no poder decir No”, 1st and 2nd parts, September 24, 2000; “Las inscripciones de la cultura en el cuerpo” 1st and 2nd parts, October 8, 2000; “Orientación vocacional” October 15, 2000; “Adolescencia y proceso de orientación vocacional”, October 22, 2000; “Adolescencia y proceso de orientación vocacional”, October 22, 2000.
Articles published in local newspapers in 2007 and 2008
In Gualeguay al Día, December 2007: “Sobre la velocidad”; “En recuerdo a las inundaciones”.
In El Debate Pregón: “¿Niños y jóvenes esclavos del mercado?”, June 15, 2008; “La violencia y los jóvenes”. Part 1 and 2, September 28 and October ; “Experiencias de vida” September 14.
Article published in El Debate Pregón, 2009: “What do we talk about TODAY when we talk about childhood?”
Articles published in El Debate Pregón, 2010: “Los niños y la escuela: una mirada sobre los límites” interview by journalist Alfonsina Fernández, February 21; “Ciudadanía, medio ambiente y la formación docente”, March; “Sobre la autoridad y el lazo social”, June 25; “Aportes del espacio de J.P.y C a la comunidad”, October.

8.1.5- Final work of the institutional work in school Nº6 “When adversity is not destiny”, together with Lic. Ana Lía Olivera and Psicop. María Julia Turinetto.
Presented in Cáritas Gualeguaychú on 29 /10/ 05; in the program of Channel 7 “Caminos de tiza” and in the web page “El globo rojo” of IPA Argentina in October 2005.

8.1.6 – “About the transmission of Psychology”, in the First Provincial Conference on “Current problems in adolescence”. Paper presented at the Conference
June 2004. Gualeguay, Entre Ríos

8.1.7 – “Appreciations of a device in vocational orientation in a school”.