Online Jour Fix Business Model Constellations

  • Lars Christian Börner

    2023-08-28 at 21:10

    Moin Michael! Grundsätzlich könnte ich mir das gut vorstellen, allerdings wäre beim derzeitigen Workload für mich ganz einfach die Frage, wie oft Du Dir einen Austausch vorstellst!

    Auf jeden Fall mal ganz viele Grüße!

  • Elmar Dornberger

    2023-08-28 at 21:11

    Dear Michael, this is very interesting to me and it is a matter of bandwidth and time I am in the US with an 8 hour time difference.

    What is your visions of this group?

  • Paul Zonneveld

    2023-08-28 at 22:19

    hello Michael, I have the same questions as Lars and Elmar.

    What’s the rhythm you are thinking of?

    kind regards, Paul

  • Wouter Gheysen

    2023-08-29 at 06:35

    That would be awesome! Looking forward to the first session 🙂

  • Lars Christian Börner

    2023-09-03 at 15:29

    What about having a kind of like “kick off” meeting and see, what or which form for a jour fixe will constellate?

  • Hilde Van Bulck

    2023-09-03 at 19:23

    Hi Michael,

    I have the same questions as the others. I haven’t specialized in organizational constellations, but I’m interested.

  • Karin Dremel

    2023-09-04 at 16:16

    Hey, Michael, can you say a bit more about the ‘business models’ part of your constellation discussion forum? I am with Hilde, not trained and engaged with organisational constellations, but curious about this aspect.

    Oh, and I’m with Elmar in respect to time –– 8 hours west of you (MST).