Where to find and connect with Canadian Constellators

  • Where to find and connect with Canadian Constellators

    Posted by Anni Mukkala Stinn on 2022-09-15 at 19:49

    Hi, I am a facilitator and trainer located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I trained with Bert Hellinger in 2007-2008. I am delighted to see this group.

    Here in Canada, we are actively bringing together Constellators. There are two functioning online services available. One is to simply connect facilitators, trainers, and all who offer Constellation work in Canada on a Facebook page called Systemic Constellations Canada. It is not for the general public. Secondly, there is a website that is being re-built currently to offer information to the public and to list facilitators in Canada. That website is called ConstellationsCanada.com. You can find either by a quick search.

    We are happy to welcome all those who are in any way interested in Constellation work to our Canadian community.

    Thank you to Stephanie and Eimear for creating this group. It is great to be here.

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  • Anni Mukkala Stinn

    2022-09-25 at 22:49

    Hello Minu Radrani, So lovely to meet you. Here is some information about our Canadian systemic constellation work. Warmly, Anni